Whether you’re looking for a more affordable to alternative to sod applications, or need to provide healthy grass growth on slopes or other difficult to reach areas, hydroseeding is an excellent solution. Unlike the process of randomly spreading grass seed, hydroseeding utilizes an innovative process that combines essential growth agents, which can include mulch, water, seed, fertilizer, lime and others, to create a hydroseed slurry that can be evenly sprayed across large areas, as well as those with limited accessibility.

In addition to being considerably more affordable than sod, it also promotes more even coverage and growth for better looking lawns. Here are a few of the additional benefits of hydroseeding, and why LC Property Maintenance continues to be one of the most trusted providers in Rochester and Western NY.

  • Ideal for planting glass on slopes, large properties and areas difficult to sod

  • An effective and more economical alternative to expansive sod coverage

  • We use state-of-the-art mixing equipment to ensure even, thorough coverage

  • Promotes expedited germination and rapid sprouting for those seeking fast growth

  • LC Property Maintenance is a trusted provider of professional lawn hydroseeding

  • We’re extremely respectful of your property and committed to safe practice

Clearly, hydroseeding is an affordable and highly-effective way to encourage lawns that are healthier and more evenly balanced. It’s important, though, to work with an experienced landscape company who knows how to properly create and apply a healthy mix. At LC Property Maintenance we specialize in both commercial and residential hydroseeding services, and have the experience and expertise to ensure a flawless application.

To learn more about our hydroseeding services or get started on a free quote, get in touch with LC Property Maintenance by phone at 585-831-3796 or write to us through our contact page. We’re based in Rochester and proudly serve all of Monroe county, as well as Hamlin, Hilton, Brockport, Kendall, Holley, Spencerport and Gates.

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