Topsoil Service

Regardless of whether you’re planting a garden, designing the landscape of your new home or just looking to improve the health of your lawn, it’s important to work with a landscaper who understands topsoil in varying conditions and settings.  At LC Property Maintenance in Rochester, we offer professional topsoil services to ensure proper density, pH levels, nutrient delivery, aeration and other vital considerations.

  • A trusted source for commercial and residential topsoil in Rochester
  • Essential for those looking to get the most from their lawn and property
  • The right topsoil can help deter weed growth while nourishing your lawn
  • We specialize in topsoil for new lawns, gardens, hedges and more
  • Proudly serving the Rochester NY area and surrounding counties & suburbs

For a free quote, answers to your questions or information on how the topsoil and application process you choose can have a long-term effect on your lawn, all LC Property Maintenance today at (585) 831-3796.

For additional information on our landscape and lawn services, or to get started with your free estimate, call LC Property Maintenance & Landscape LLC today at 585-831-3796 or write to us through our contact page.

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