Winter isn't a time to let your lawn care and landscaping fall by the wayside. In fact, homeowners should do the opposite. Winter can wreak havoc on a property, from killing favorite trees to filling gutters with debris. It’s important to clean your lawn and keep up with property maintenance during a winter in Rochester, NY. Come spring, your landscape will look better than ever. Use this checklist to prepare your lawn and property for winter.

Cleaning Up Your Lawn and Property for Winter in Rochester NY

Mow Over Fallen Leaves

When leaves start to cover your property, mow every 10 to 14 days to shred the leaves and prevent them from suffocating the grass on your lawn. Continue this mowing schedule until all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Then, during winter, keep your grass at around 0.75 inches (about half the recommended length for warmer climates) so it stays healthy. Check for the specific ideal length according to your grass type.

Rake and Aerate

Your main goal during lawn prep for winter should be to keep air flowing to your grass. Leaf litter can form a barrier over your grass that blocks out the sun and traps in moisture and fungus. Don’t wait until fallen leaves form a wet mat over your yard to start raking or mowing. Once you remove the leaves, aerate your lawn (or have a professional do so for you) to prevent fungal diseases and allow water and oxygen to reach the grass’s roots.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Spreading fertilizer before the worst of winter hits is vital to the survival of your plants and lawn. Fertilize your lawn in the fall to prepare it for winter. The fertilizer can add essential nutrients to the roots of your plants, so they have the strength to return next spring. Without fertilizing in the fall, active roots may not have enough energy stored to survive the winter. For help with lawn winterization in Rochester, contact LC Property Maintenance.